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Receive top-notch product range comprising Rotary Vacuum Filter, Separation Vacuum Machine, etc.

About Us

We, Maruti Belt Filter as a technology-oriented company, have made use of the most newest innovation for manufacturing our products. 1995 is the year when we began to provide the most up-to-date product range as a manufacturer, supplier, trader and wholesaler. We utilize the finest raw materials to produce our products, such as Rotary Vacuum Filter, Filter Cloth, Belt Filter Press, Separation Vacuum Machine, and others. All manufactured goods are meticulously examined by our team of specialists, guaranteeing that they comply with the best quality norms and only then delivered to customers. We also make sure that our moral ideals are reflected when conducting business with the clients. In addition, we work as a service provider and offer repair and maintenance services to the customers.
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Why Us?

Due to the complex and competitive market climate, many businesses may find it difficult to ascend to the top. Owing to our high level of hard work and determination, our company, on the other hand, has never had difficulties establishing a strong market position. The following are the primary reasons for our unstoppable growth:
  • Handle With Professionalism- Whether to purchase new or secondhand construction equipment has long been a point of debate. Small fleets choose to invest in used construction equipment. We treat all of our consumers with regard and provide them with the greatest construction equipment available.
  • We Love What We Do- We love what we do at work so that we can give our clients the finest quality service.
  • Everything In Budget- Smaller fleets like to purchase used construction equipment because it attracts less capital and so attracts less investments, which is why clients may receive any product from us under their bugdet.
Our Team

Our team of highly qualified professionals is by far the most valuable and important asset of our company. Members of our team are only selected after undergoing extensive testing and evaluations of their professional and moral skills. As a consequence, they are assigned tasks that they excel in. In terms of efficiency and on-site competency, our team has never let us down. The team works hard to process the highest quality products such as Filter Cloth, Separation Vacuum Machine, Rotary Vacuum Filter, Belt Filter Press, etc. They also ensure that all batches conform to the highest quality norms. Overall, our highly committed team has always ensured that every single process within the premises is carefully managed.


The applications of our goods are listed below:
  • Chemical Industry
  • Environmental Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Mining & metallurgy
  • Food industry

Customers can access expert mainteaince, troubleshooting and repair services. More services provided by us are mentioned below:
  • Online support centre
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Process and quality control systems